Dr. Paul Halverson

Voice Instructor
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Dr. Paul Halverson

Dr. Paul Halverson

Dr. Paul Halverson is originally from Green Bay Wi. His voice studies began at a young age with Dr. Michael Rosewall at St. Norbert College. Paul completed his Masters in Vocal Performance at Boston University  with James Demler and his Doctorate in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy with pedagogy expert Dr.Patti Peterson. Paul is a seasoned teacher and performer having taught for over 12 years at the collegiate and private levels. His performance career consists of highlights in Boston, Denver, and London.

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Educational Philosophy

Music laid the early foundation for my interest in education and learning, as it was my way of experiencing different cultures and ideas. Having grown up in a smaller town, music allowed me to feel as though I were a part of something bigger than myself and my surroundings. I could participate in cultures and customs I had never heard of just by listening to this universal language. I would later a develop a love for philosophy, which I minored in, as I found it strengthened my neuroplasticity, allowing me to be more adaptable to change, and new ideas.
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Student Testimonials

“Very knowledgeable and effective in presenting different approaches to improving vocal techniques. Paul also provides a very comfortable atmosphere and makes the learning experience both constructive and enjoyable.”

- Daniel M.
“I am not only impressed by Paul's ability to teach, but also by his capacity of adapting vocal exercises to bring out the best in my voice. After 25 minutes with Paul my voice was sounding better than it ever has. He is cordial yet challenging. Paul is an experienced/erudite vocal professional and I highly recommend him.”

- Garrett P.
“Paul is such a joy to work with. He is very grounded in his vocal technique, and he knows how to help students based on their experience and musical style. He always has so much positive energy during his sessions; I highly recommend him!”

- Maureen H.
“I'm very lucky to have Paul Halverson as my voice teacher. He knows how to help you achieve the tone and quality of voice you are looking for. The exercises to strengthen and relax your vocal chords are great. The beautiful selection of music he has given me which includes classical arias to light jazz is challenging and fun but his professionalism; his drive to to teach and show you techniques and discipline is very good. I am beginning to learn songs I thought I would not or could not sing. He's Great.”

- Cheryl A.